As a trainer and teacher, I see it happening every year. People come in and enthusiastically start a (new) sport or group lesson.Starting is fun, it provides energy and a good feeling. The reality, however, is that starting is easier than sustaining.

When perseverance is difficult

You only have to start 1 time, persevering and continuing requires an effort every time. Before you take the step, ask yourself: why am I going to exercise? Because it has to be (from the doctor, from your partner, from yourself), because you think it’s sensible (such a trap: “it’s good for me”) or, and now it comes: because it’s fun? I advise anyone who says to follow a sport / program only from the mind or from the must: stop immediately. Go do something you like. You read that right: FUN.

More happy and happier

Moving is fun, moving makes you happy, you get a fresh head, you become a happier and happier person. You don’t want to come home from the gym every time with the thought ‘I’ve had that again’. No, you can spend your time and energy better.

How do you move during the week?

Take a look at what you have in a normal week of exercise activities that you enjoy. Do you cycle to work or station every workday? Do children take the children to school every day by bike? Or secretly, if you think no one is watching, dance to an infectious music. Hoeing in the garden. Whatever it is, you will surely find a kind of sport in every activity.

Outdoors are an alternative to a gym

If you enjoy being outdoors, do not go to the gym, but consciously go outside more often to move. Find a buddy that also has fun in it or join a club. Sometimes the pleasure is a bit more hidden and, for example, it expresses itself especially during holidays. Then you do go swimming every day, or you do sprinting with the children to prove that you really are not that old yet. 
In short, be creative and put the fun first. Then you have already won the most.

Take it easy, the line won’t break

Another iron tip: build it up. Do not exercise for an hour two or three times a week. Even if you have chosen something that you find incredibly enjoyable. Start with once a week, an hour at most. There is a good chance that after a month or two the need will naturally arise to expand it. Changing behavior takes time. The calmer you build it up, the more chance of success. Then your body and system will not be shocked by a different rhythm and the new habit can sneak in ‘secretly’. Until you find yourself whistling at the gym!