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Move through interventions

Practice and movement theory From my profession, as Masseur and Smart teacher I know quite a lot about attitude and physical complaints. Ismakogie is a posture and movement theory. We as teachers mainly look at body posture and do movements, many calm and gentle movements. We show the exercise, participate and pronounce the movement. You are going to feel. You […]

Start exercising: fun and slow

As a trainer and teacher, I see it happening every year. People come in and enthusiastically start a (new) sport or group lesson.Starting is fun, it provides energy and a good feeling. The reality, however, is that starting is easier than sustaining. When perseverance is difficult You only have to start 1 time, persevering and continuing requires […]

Moving helps de-stress

Different shapes You can move in many different ways. It does not necessarily have to be intensive sports, but also think of walking, cycling or dancing. These are things that you can do well outside. Getting a breath of fresh air is always good for relaxation. If you are a true athlete and are looking for more challenge, sports […]