Different shapes

You can move in many different ways. It does not necessarily have to be intensive sports, but also think of walking, cycling or dancing. These are things that you can do well outside. Getting a breath of fresh air is always good for relaxation. If you are a true athlete and are looking for more challenge, sports such as swimming, fitness group lessons and running are a good way to de-stress.

How moving helps

How come you get stressed out by moving? Exercise makes your body looser and more flexible with all its muscles. The muscles tense up due to the stress. This often so long that the tension does not just go away from the muscles. By moving you get muscle contractions that ensure that the muscle also relaxes after exercise. This allows your body to release the tension, reducing the stress that you experience. The stress that arises in your head affects your body and vice versa. This is an interplay of thoughts and physical exertion. If you want less stress in your head, make sure you move your body!

When you regularly move with others, you immediately get the social aspect. You chat before, after and / or while moving about things that take your mind away from somewhere else. For a moment you don’t have to think about all that stress and relax extra by not only being physically in motion but also giving yourself the space to relax spiritually.

A cheerful fabric

In addition, endorphins are released during exercise. This is a fabric that makes you happy and makes you feel more energetic. It provides a boost so that you see things more positively. You feel better in your skin and you will therefore have more energy to cope with life.

Patience is a virtue

Relaxing and de-stressing does not necessarily mean that you should not do anything. Sometimes it is good to make an effort and then to relax. This then applies primarily physically. Let go of everything spiritually and look for distraction. It is important to de-stress regularly. Sometimes it takes a while before you reach that point, be patient. Continuing to stress because de-stressing is not successful is not healthy for body and soul. It will become increasingly difficult to get into a relaxed state. Don’t let that take you away because life shouldn’t consist of just tension and stress. Move, relax and enjoy!

Move, relax and enjoy!

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